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Jobs in Finance - Playing Catch Up

The Finance Whisperer - Mon, 02/06/2012 - 21:53
Despite the positive employment outlook for January reported last Friday, it seems Wall Street employers still have a bit of catching up to do. In total, the number of jobs in financial services dropped by 5% in January. Within financial services, the greatest decline was for jobs in finance and... OneWire

3 Tips for Recruiters

Recruiting Tips - Sun, 02/05/2012 - 22:10

Want to become a better recruiter?  Here are three tips to send you on your way:

1.    Referrals are key.  It’s pretty safe to say that your top performing employees know driven candidates with similar backgrounds, whether it be from school or a former employer.  Referrals can greatly expedite the recruiting process.

2.    Recruiters are salesmen.  Remember that recruiting is a two-way street.  You have to convince candidates that they want to work for your company, as much as they want to convince you that they would be valuable employees.

3.    Use talent acquisition technology to make your life easier.  Find a single platform that can help you streamline your recruiting process.  Don’t pick a bunch of un-integrated systems – they can slow you down!

More Technical and Specialized Management Positions

The Finance Whisperer - Thu, 02/02/2012 - 23:23
A recent trend has become apparent among companies’ executive teams—engineers and other technical managers are becoming more prevalent in top management, while executives with backgrounds in business are decreasing in numbers. Titles like “chief operating officer” are appearing less often, yet management teams have doubled in size in the past... OneWire

OneWire Announces Winners of Most Memorable Interview Contest!

OneWire Press - Thu, 02/02/2012 - 22:10
OneWire Announces Winners of Most Memorable Interview Contest Recruiting Technology Provider Asked Facebook Followers to Share Their Worst Interview Experiences


NEW YORK, NY, Feb 02, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Putting the power of precise recruiting technology in the hands of candidates and recruiters, OneWire(R) today announced the winners of its Most Memorable Interview contest. The contest asked fans of the company's Facebook page to share their stories of terrible interview experiences that did not go as planned.

"No matter the industry or experience level, everyone has had at least one interview that didn't go well," said Brin McCagg, co-founder, president and COO of OneWire. "The submissions we received from our followers clearly underscored costly missed opportunities and lost productivity. That's why it's so crucial for employers to place additional focus on improving the candidate experience."

During the two-week submission period, the company received more than 50 entries. Out of the uncomfortable, unprofessional and outright embarrassing experiences, the judges selected three winners:

-- The winner met with a narcoleptic CFO who fell asleep in the middle of the interview -- The runner-up described a wardrobe malfunction that exposed her undergarments during her interview; however, happily, she still got the job -- The third-place winner got sick during an interview and, when it came time to shake the interviewer's hand, she reached for the garbage pail instead

The contest highlighted the problems many job seekers have in finding companies best suited to them, and the trouble many companies have in sourcing the right candidates. When interview practices aren't standardized and hiring managers aren't taught how to conduct a proper interview, candidates can have negative interview experiences. Even more common, unqualified or rejected candidates are often left in the dark about where they stand in the interview process as they usually don't receive any feedback or status updates.

OneWire helps organizations address these shortcomings to improve the candidate experience through its comprehensive, cloud-based recruiting platform. With OneWire's proprietary matching technology and talent assessment tools, employers can pinpoint the most qualified candidates at the click of a button, minimizing time spent on interviewing unqualified applicants. Candidates are only matched to positions that meet their qualification and career preferences, improving their job search experience and engagement.

"Though the interview stories shared in the contest may be entertaining, they also demonstrate the need for a better method to address the mismatch between candidates and employers," said McCagg. "OneWire aims to improve the recruitment process for both companies and candidates. Our goal is to reduce the number of terrible interviews and make sure job seekers -- and hiring employers -- have interviews that are memorable for the right reasons."

The U.S. Adds 243,000 Jobs in January

Recruiting Tips - Thu, 02/02/2012 - 21:15

Jobs are on the rise again!  The U.S. Department of Labor announced that the U.S. added 243,000 jobs in January, lowering the national unemployment rate to 8.3%.  This is the second month in a row that the job market performed better than economists’ predictions.  In fact, this is the largest jobs increase the U.S. has seen since May 2010!  Although the government is still cutting jobs, the private sector added 257,000.  Within the private sector, manufacturing contributed 50,000 new positions, while the professional services industry added 176,000.  Jobs in healthcare also increased, up by 30,900 workers, and accounting jobs were up by 12,500.  Unfortunately, both the finance and Information sectors lost workers—the majority of which were connected to the film and recording industry.  Interestingly enough, the Monster Employment Index, which monitors the number of job postings online, has been consistently declining since October.  Perhaps these new figures will reignite employers’ confidence, and we will see more recruiting efforts in the near future! 

The U.S. Economy Adds 170,000 Jobs

The Finance Whisperer - Wed, 02/01/2012 - 23:34
ADP announced today that the private sector added 170,000 new jobs in January, a figure that came in below most economists’ predictions. The number reveals that hiring slowed in January, after 292,000 jobs were added in December. Interestingly enough, over half of the companies who hired in January were in... OneWire

Finding a Finance Job in 2012

The Finance Whisperer - Wed, 02/01/2012 - 00:23
2011 was a tough year for finance professionals—there were layoffs at virtually every major bank, bonuses came up short, and very few people saw raises. HSBC and Bank of America are in the midst of cutting around 30,000 jobs globally, while other big names like JPMorgan, UBS, and Credit Suisse... OneWire

New Expectations for College Graduate Applicants

Recruiting Tips - Tue, 01/31/2012 - 23:25

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According to a recent survey by Global Strategy Group, the majority of senior managers are underwhelmed by the recent college graduates applying for entry-level positions.  The study found that 65% of senior managers and C-level executives believe that entry-level candidates are only “somewhat” prepared for business success, while 40% of C-suite executives claim that these candidates are “not prepared at all.”  Almost half of these executives think that fewer than 25% of recent graduates have acquired the skills they need to advance past entry-level positions—skills such as problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, clear communication, and persuasive writing.  These results suggest that companies are increasingly looking for candidates who are ready to hit the ground running, as opposed to their expectations in past days when recent graduates were not pressured to learn these skills until they entered the workforce. Career experts argue that this change in expectations is primarily due to the increasing competition for entry-level jobs.  Competition for great entry-level positions is fierce, so employers can demand more from their candidates!

OneWire Featured in ERE!

OneWire Press - Tue, 01/31/2012 - 13:44
OneWire Featured In ERE

John Zappe of discussed OneWire's promising position in the market for applicant tracking systems in his recent article "Take Our Quiz and See Who Else Is Thinking Seat at the Table."  Citing a recent investment report by Fetl & Company, an investment banker and advisory, Zappe highlights OneWire's unique value proposition as an ATS that uses a matching technology and cloud-based talent community to connect recruiters with the right talent.

Read the full article here.

Are Your Employees Happy?

Recruiting Tips - Tue, 01/31/2012 - 00:53

How happy are your employees?  According to a recent survey, a significant percentage may not be!  The poll found that 31% of employees are not satisfied with their current jobs, and 74% of workers would consider leaving if they were presented with another offer.  Career experts argue that many people who feared losing their jobs during the recession are beginning to feel secure enough to start looking for new work again.  Here are the top five reasons employees are considering leaving their current places of employment:

1.    Salary: 57%
2.    Needing a change: 31%
3.    Career and advancement opportunities: 29%
4.    Change of profession: 22%
5.    Concerns for the employer’s future: 18%

So if you’re a manager or a recruiter, make sure you are aware of how your employees are feeling, and address them as best you can!  It may also be worth putting a plan in place for attracting new talent.  Hopefully we will see these frightening numbers go down soon!

Celebrities with Backgrounds in Finance

The Finance Whisperer - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 21:49
Who knew that beginning a career in finance could lead to such a variety of career paths! Check out this list of celebrities who held jobs in financial services: 1. Whoopi Goldberg: Whoopi Goldberg held jobs as a bank teller, bricklayer, and even a cosmetologist at a mortuary before becoming... OneWire

OneWire to Sponsor SourceCon 2012!

OneWire Press - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 20:14

January 26, 2012 09:15 ET

OneWire Sponsors SourceCon 2012

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jan 26, 2012) -

OneWire®, putting the power of precise recruiting technology in the hands of candidates and recruiters

Is sponsoring SourceCon 2012, the premier conference for recruiting professionals interested in learning more about the art and science of sourcing

February 8 - 10, 2012

SourceCon 2012 Atlanta will be held at the world-famous Georgia Aquarium.

Georgia Aquarium
225 Baker St. NW
Atlanta, Ga.

Sourcing relevant internal and external candidates is an essential part of any recruiting process. OneWire's Sourcing Suite ensures that companies find the best candidates for open positions in less time and cost. Candidates sourced through the OneWire platform are filtered using a proprietary matching technology to deliver a list of relevant and qualified talent to recruiters within seconds. Inbound candidates are also identified as interested in an employer or in a specific open position, enabling hiring companies to stay connected with candidates and nurture the relationship through the OneWire talent community.

OneWire is the industry's only cloud-based recruiting system from which recruiters can source, recruit and hire qualified candidates on one platform, instead of having to manage multiple solutions, databases and vendors. Get OneWired by visiting today.

More about OneWire:

OneWire puts the full power of the most innovative recruiting technology in the hands of candidates and recruiters. Its comprehensive, cloud-based platform and proprietary matching technology can be used across the enterprise or as a single point solution to deliver sourcing, candidate relationship management, applicant tracking, vendor management, and talent management. Hundreds of companies and thousands of candidates rely on OneWire as their single destination for the top candidates and top jobs. Get OneWired by visiting today.


The Future of Job Searching Is Online

Recruiting Tips - Thu, 01/26/2012 - 19:02

In recent years, it has become apparent that your online presence plays a fundamental role in your job search.  Even after creating a resume, this document can then be parsed into your online profile.  As this trend continues, it appears that job seekers and recruiters alike are moving away from the traditional resume.  Below find the leading reasons why the displacement of the traditional resume will occur.

1.    Social Networking Use is Increasing at an Accelerated Rate
According to Comscore, a leader in digital business analytics, each month 90% of U.S. Internet users visit a social networking Web site.  Surprisingly, this trend is led by adults aged 35 and older.  Recruiters frequently visit these social networking sites to assess your personality, to evaluate how you are portrayed online, and to see how you will align with their company’s corporate culture.

2.    Majority of Job Seekers find their Jobs Online
In the past, the favored form of job searching was through newspaper clippings.  Today, the job search is based on your online presence.  Use your online profile as a networking opportunity.  Constantly update your profile and connect with people in your field.  Moreover, if you have a well-built and likeable profile, recruiters will begin to seek you out. 

3.    An Online Resume is Searchable
The resume you created in Word can now be parsed into your online profile and vice versa.  It’s easier than ever for recruiters to run a quick search on your profile to see if you fit the qualities they are looking for in a new hire.  For this reason, make sure your profile remains visible and up-to-date.

4.    Your Online Presence Can Convey Your Personality
With the current fluctuating state of the economy, there are an abundance of job seekers out there.  The quality that will begin to divide you from the pack is your personality.  Recruiters review online profiles in search of people who are passionate about their careers and who will be a positive addition to their company’s corporate environment.  Avoid creating a mundane profile and make sure your profile conveys your passion and personality.

Office Team, a staffing firm, reports that greater than one-third of companies predict that social networks will eventually displace the need for resumes.  To be ahead of the trend, create your own Web site domain or adapt your current Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.  By establishing an online presence, you can manage recruiters’ perceptions of you online.  Best wishes in your job search!

Top 5 Jobs for 2012

OneWire Press - Tue, 01/24/2012 - 23:14

2012 is expected to be a great year for job seekers!  Experts believe that the unemployment rate will continue to drop, and surveys report that employers plan to hire 9.5 percent more graduates than last year.  In addition, a number of industries are expected to see rapid growth this year.  So if you’re thinking about a new career path, check out the top 5 jobs that should grow in 2012:

1.    Biomedical engineer
Average salary: $82,421

2.    Computer software engineer
Average salary: $97,581

3.    Customer service representative
Average salary: $29,314

4.    Home health aide
Average salary: $28,173

5.    Management analyst
Average salary: $72,197

Top 5 Best Paying Companies

The Finance Whisperer - Mon, 01/23/2012 - 23:20
Looking to work at a top-paying company? You may be surprised to learn who makes the list! Check out the 5 best-paying companies in the U.S.: 1. Southern Ohio Medical Center Best for: Physician Average total pay: $490,647 2. Bingham McCutchen Best for: Associate Average total pay: $228,851 3. Alston... OneWire

More Companies Need New Ways to Recruit

Recruiting Tips - Mon, 01/23/2012 - 22:28

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In a weak job market, the number of applications per job has increased dramatically, causing many employers to search for ways to make the recruiting process more efficient. A growing number of employers, including about 90% of the Fortune 500, have implemented applicant tracking systems to help them address precisely this issue.  Applicant tracking systems can help filter out unqualified candidates, giving hiring managers more time to review only the most relevant talent.  These systems also help cut down on human resource costs, which has been necessary for many companies during and after the recession.  However, many job seekers are unsatisfied with these ATS systems.  If job seekers don’t include the right keywords, or make a slight error, their resumes won’t even make it to human eyes.  Elaine Orler, an expert in HR technology, foresees success for companies that are able to give more visibility to candidates, such as where they stand in the job search process.  Still, employers, both small and large, are strongly in need of an application that can precisely filter candidates.  According to a recent survey, only 19% of hiring managers at small companies look at the majority of resumes they receive, and 47% claim to review only a few.  It’s time for a new way to recruit!

Increased Job Openings for Recruiters

Recruiting Tips - Sun, 01/22/2012 - 22:09

According to a recent study, demand for recruiting professionals is on the rise!  In December 2011, there were over 3900 job postings for recruiters and employment specialists—a 4 percent leap from the figure in December 2010, a 45 percent increase from 2009, and a 50 percent increase from 2008.  In addition, 1700 companies reportedly advertised recruiter job openings this past December.  Boston led the way with the greatest increase in recruiter positions since 2010 (openings grew by 49 percent), followed by Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C.  So if you’re looking to break into the recruiting industry, 2012 may be the year! 

OneWire Reports Successful Results for 2011

OneWire Press - Thu, 01/19/2012 - 21:53

OneWire’s Innovative Recruiting Solutions Gain Significant Momentum

NEW YORK, N.Y. (Reuters - January 19, 2012) – Putting the power of precise recruiting technology in the hands of candidates and recruiters, OneWire announced today details of its successes in 2011, including new products and enhancements, new clients and contract renewals, and expansion into additional industry verticals and international markets.

OneWire helps its clients create successful workforces through predictable, precise matches to qualified talent, accelerating time-to-hire, increasing productivity and streamlining costs and workflows. The Company’s comprehensive, cloud-based recruiting platform helps organizations find the talent they need and enables job seekers to find the opportunities for which they are best suited. OneWire’s talent acquisition solution features proprietary matching technology that can be used across the enterprise or as a single point solution to deliver sourcing, applicant tracking, vendor management, candidate relationship management and employee referrals. 

“Throughout 2011, we have continued to expand our brand recognition, grow our client base and offer new recruiting and job matching software,” said Brin McCagg, co-founder, president and COO of OneWire. “We believe that a company’s greatest asset is its people, and our matching technology makes it easier than ever for employers to fill their opportunities by connecting with the most qualified people. In the past year, we were able to help a large number of companies source, recruit and hire the talent they need to successfully grow their businesses.”

Business and Product Growth

 Several industry trends helped spur OneWire’s rapid growth in 2011, namely increased hiring in select sectors and an uptick in veteran recruitment initiatives. OneWire gained business from companies in financial services, as well as organizations seeking to hire insurance professionals and fill back-office and technology positions. OneWire’s single, integrated platform enabled these organizations to fill open positions with the most qualified talent while reducing recruiting time and increasing control and visibility.

Continuously innovating, OneWire made several enhancements to its platform throughout the year. In January 2011, the company unveiled a new public site redesign and job search functionality for candidates. In March, OneWire implemented enhanced project sharing and messaging capabilities for recruiters and full OFCCP compliance features across the platform. In May, OneWire announced integration with social media sites, allowing candidates to port their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to help them build their OneWire Profile. Further, this release provided additional job distribution capabilities through an integration with SmartPost, expanding OneWire’s candidate sourcing capabilities.

In August 2011, the company unveiled a two-way integration with Microsoft Exchange and iCal, streamlining the interview scheduling process with visibility into Microsoft Outlook contacts and calendars. This release also included a redesign of employee referral functionality to deliver faster connections to the right talent. OneWire also released a social media promotion feature that automatically distributes new opportunities at a company to employee’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles, allowing them to receive referral bonuses when candidates who apply via social media pages are hired.

At the end of 2011, OneWire released its Vendor Management System (VMS), allowing clients to include headhunters in their hiring process with greater efficiency and control and to aggregate and manage candidates from all potential sources. In addition to VMS, OneWire improved its Project Teams functionality, which allows for robust collaboration among recruiters and their colleagues. The latest release also included resume parsing, which allows new candidates to upload their resumes and pre-populate their information, enabling them to build their OneWire Profiles with ease. 

New Clients and Renewals

OneWire significantly increased its client base in 2011 with 52 percent year-over-year growth, gaining new clients in the finance and banking, accounting, insurance and management consulting fields. Moreover, OneWire expanded its market reach, entering the information technology vertical. Throughout the year, the Company added clients such as Pacific Life, Sequoia Capital, Raymond James, Wells Fargo and one of the largest property and casualty insurance companies in the United States. While the majority of OneWire’s clients are U.S.-based, several new clients are international banks, including Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Banco do Brasil, Commerzbank and BMO Capital Markets.

OneWire also renewed a majority of its clients and grew a number of key accounts, such as a 5,000 employee consumer finance company who expanded its relationship with OneWire from a paid pilot for campus recruiting to an enterprise-wide, global recruiting rollout. While clients continue to depend on OneWire for candidate sourcing and sorting, they have also deepened their adoption to include OneWire’s ATS, CRM and Talent Mobility solutions.

Strategic Vision for 2012

Moving forward, OneWire seeks to continue the rapid development of its end-to-end recruiting platform. Future planned upgrades include enhanced candidate sourcing and sorting features as well as improvements to CRM, ATS and talent mobility functionalities. The Company also aims to expand its sales efforts to increase new business and foster more usage among current clients. Furthermore, OneWire plans to deliver greater value to its talent community and increase engagement with enhancements to the platform’s candidate-based features.

“We created tremendous momentum throughout an economically challenged year and have processes in place to generate continued success in 2012,” said McCagg. “As we develop additional features and functionality for our cloud-based solution, we anticipate helping more clients to attract, engage and develop qualified talent that can contribute to positive business results. At the other end of the spectrum, we plan to increase our services to candidates, improving the way they connect with employers and giving them greater control over their careers.”

More Jobs to Come?

Recruiting Tips - Wed, 01/18/2012 - 22:32

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The U.S. Labor Bureau announced today that last week’s jobless claims dropped to their lowest point in almost four years, further suggesting that the job market is on the mend.  Only 352,000 people filed for unemployment benefits, compared to 402,000 the week before.  Jobless claims haven’t been so low since the week of April 19, 2008!  According to experts, jobless claims infrequently drop below 300,000, so 350,000 is getting close to a healthy job market.  In other good news, the December payroll report determined that hiring increased, while unemployment decreased.  While we don’t quite have enough information to see a consistent positive trend, we have good reason to be hopeful that more people will find jobs in the coming months! 

Most Popular Majors for the Top 1%

The Finance Whisperer - Wed, 01/18/2012 - 20:56
There’s been a lot of publicity surrounding America’s wealthiest 1% these past few months, leading a lot of people to speculate as to how those people made it to the top. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are several undergraduate majors that have the highest proportion of future one-percenters.... OneWire